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Pickle’s post


buuuuuuuh, i’m senior pickle, i shall be assisting squid in fabricating the sticky laughs in your belly. my name is pickle because i have a rather large *****…hyah. We gown make some videos for yous to look at. Most of them will be funny but some of dem may just be sick… anyhooooo, sit down and shut up while we entertain you.

hallo i be tottis i sont wanna

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that wasn’t my post… ummmmm squid i and bingo and pickle and i and bingo and squid and bingo an pickle and i are friends.

i am loopppyyy lululululululululuul squid said i am being dumb

dumb *** he said squid did

i dont now what to ut so i sont wanna

and i am tottis the helper to this site so ya

Bingo speaks


Allo, I be Bingo.  I eat paper, I enjoy long walks on the beach and killing things.  Anything that bleeds works.  I shall also be an agent of comedy that shall make you **** yourself profusely you will laugh so hard.  Don’t that sound gooooooooooooood?  Profuse ****ting?  I think it sounds veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery……………………okay…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mah First Post – Squid


Hallo thar,

I be Squid, that be my name. I be a comedian. Mah website be and uhhh, wait a minute, uhuhuhuhuhuh, skull n bone, huhuhuhuhu. Any way, my job is to entertain, to make the laughs, the laughs of hilariousness. I am provider of sticky laughs in your belly. Squid is your laugh lord!

Visit or I gonna lick off your toes when you’re asleep tonight!

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