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hi this is squid and tottis


This is now my last blog ever on this site so bye

hallo i be tottis i sont wanna

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that wasn’t my post… ummmmm squid i and bingo and pickle and i and bingo and squid and bingo an pickle and i are friends.

i am loopppyyy lululululululululuul squid said i am being dumb

dumb *** he said squid did

i dont now what to ut so i sont wanna

and i am tottis the helper to this site so ya

Bingo speaks


Allo, I be Bingo.  I eat paper, I enjoy long walks on the beach and killing things.  Anything that bleeds works.  I shall also be an agent of comedy that shall make you **** yourself profusely you will laugh so hard.  Don’t that sound gooooooooooooood?  Profuse ****ting?  I think it sounds veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery……………………okay…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mah First Post – Squid


Hallo thar,

I be Squid, that be my name. I be a comedian. Mah website be and uhhh, wait a minute, uhuhuhuhuhuh, skull n bone, huhuhuhuhu. Any way, my job is to entertain, to make the laughs, the laughs of hilariousness. I am provider of sticky laughs in your belly. Squid is your laugh lord!

Visit or I gonna lick off your toes when you’re asleep tonight!

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